SugarHouse Casino Promo Code 2019: Type “PLAYMAX” and Get Up to $250

In this article you will find out all the offers and bonuses you get to have by entering the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code 2019. We ‘ll also do a review of the platform and its services.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • Welcome Offer: Bonus 100% – Get Up to $250*
  • Spin to Win: Get Up to $250 Same Day Free Play
  • Bingo: Daily FREE Bingo Games

Players must claim each eligible bonus manually from within their account post log in per individual promotion instructions. To be eligible, you must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of New Jersey. To be eligible all personal and contract data associated with your account must be verifiable, and not on any exclusionary lists in New Jersey. +21 Responsible Gambling.

*First Deposit Bonus may only be claimed once per person across all Rivers and SugarHouse websites.

Expires on: 31-12-2019
Last check: 2 days ago

SugarHouse Casino Welcome Offer and Promotions

SugarHouse Casino OffersWelcome Offers and Bonuses (2019)SugarHouse Casino Promo Code
Welcome Offer Bonus 100% - Get Up to $250 PLAYMAX
Spin to WIn Win up to $250 Same Day Free Play PLAYMAX
Bingo Daily FREE Bingo Games PLAYMAX

How to Register by Entering the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code

  1. You will have to be a New Jersey state resident. There is a plug-in that you will be expected to download later on. It will always keep track of your location in a bid to verify the New Jersey location.
  2. After that, you should be of 21 years of age and above to be a player in this platform.
  3. If you meet the requirements, get in the site. You will see a yellow button with ‘Join now’ and once you click, it will lead you to the registration bar.
  4. Proceed to create your account where you will have to fill your email address, a suitable username and a password of your choice.
  5. There is a promotional code option where you will add SugarHouse Casino Promo Code PLAYMAX for the casino.
  6. The next section will be filling your personal details like your address, mobile number, the last four digits on your Social Security Number (SSN) and answering two security questions. Once all this is completed, congratulations you are a new member.

Sugarhouse casino promo code PLAYMAX

Bonuses for Each Product

There are bonuses in the different categories of casino games offered in this platform. The categories include; Blackjack, Slots, Roulettes, Table Games, Video Poker. There are various bonuses given on different events. Always remember to enter the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code PLAYMAX.

  • Welcome Offer: The promo code guides you to get bonuses as a first-time player. On the first deposit which should be at least $10, you are eligible to get a bonus up to 100% which gives you a chance to get money up to $250.
  • Refer a Friend: You can also be referred by a friend but you will have to play with at least $50 for your friend to be awarded a refer a friend scratch card in 48 hours.
  • Free Win Spin: There are events like Free Win Spin where you can get a bonus of up to 100% depending on the stake placed. Free Win Spin where one can get $10 free and up to $1,000 credits
  • Catch the King: A challenge about scratch cards and in here bonuses range from $10 to $150.
  • Back in the Competition: There are also other inside promotions and bonuses for members with some of them being Get 10% Back in the competition,

Bonus Terms

As obvious, there are terms that regulate these promotions and bonuses. Here are some of the terms given. In order to get all the promotions, you have to enter the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code.

sugarhouse promotions and welcome offers

  • In the Free Win Spin, the game is subject to those that meet its jurisdiction. Each player will only play once per day, after the spin, the results will be out immediately to determine the prize won. You cannot hold multiple accounts as you will be disqualified. Additionally, the sponsor has the right to terminate, suspend or modify the game. Finally, no other person or a third party should use your account. It violates the rules of the platform and you risk being disqualified.
  • In the Daily Free Game Prize, the terms include the following; a player can only play once a day using his/her account. No third party activity should be involved. No multiple accounts should be held by one member. Those prizes that are being redeemed, a 30-days period is given or else it will expire. Winners have to present a valid present picture for positive identification before receiving the prize. When a winner rejects the gift or in some way gets disqualified, the sponsor has the final say on such instances.
  • There is the Sweepstake Prize and the terms here include; playing once a day, redeeming the prize at SugarHouse Casino with a presentation of a positive picture that recognizes the winner. Additionally, the winners are not qualified for multiple wins in the event of each monthly draw. You can only claim your prize in the 30-days period or it will be declared null. There are no charges to participate in this promotion. Finally, no SugarHouse employee, kin to the employee or the larger family of the employee is allowed to participate in the promotions.

Those are some of the terms of certain promotions. Visit the site to see more and familiarize yourself. Do not forget to use the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code.


As a beginner, it is obvious that many questions will come in your mind as you familiarize yourself with the platform. The questions may vary from how friendly the site is, the security status of their money, steps in getting the services and the legality of the site. Otherwise, you would not wager your money on a platform you are not comfortable with. With that, the following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about SugarHouse Casino.

Q. Where are you located?

Philadelphia is the location to SugarHouse Casino.

Q. In a case I am outside of New Jersey, would I get access to my account?

You will get access to your account. The only negative is that you will not access real money play and the platform’s community chat.

Q. Are the games you offer legal?

SugarHouse Casino operates under strict rules and regulations as stipulated. The site is fully regulated by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. So, yes whatever game you wish to play is legal.

Q. How do I make a deposit and a withdrawal?

It should be noted that you can deposit using various methods that include; Cash at Casino Cage, ACH, Neteller, SugarHouse Prepaid Card, PayPal, Pay by cash and Online bill pay. On the ‘Cashier’ option on the platform, you will find ‘Deposit’. Click on it and select your preferred method and follow the instructions provided for each.

In the withdrawal, you can use the following methods; Neteller, Cash at Casino Cage, SugarHouse Prepaid Card, ACH and Check by Mail. Here is how you will go about it. click on ‘Cashier’ in the top right corner and take the option ‘Withdraw’ then choose your preferred withdrawal method. Time will vary on different methods.

Q. How safe is my information with you?

SugarHouse Casino takes the privacy of its members with the maximum attention it requires. Their website is secure and they ensure that the privacy procedures meet the highest standard. You are also advised to create a very strong password that will ensure the privacy of your account and have it changed in a span of 90 days. You can rely on SugarHouse Casino with your information.

Q. Is there a promo code while joining SugarHouse Casino?

Yes! You can enter SugarHouse Casino Promo Code PLAYMAX and get all the extra bonuses.

Sugarhouse casino promo code PLAYMAX

Quality of the SugarHouse Platform

The services of SugarHouse Casino are available on mobile phones with an app and a site. So, anywhere you are on the road, walking, at the workplace or anywhere else, you can get to play with them. Credit to them, they have a rather user-friendly platform where maneuvering to your favorite game is easy. There is a team set to advise those with gambling addiction with limits set on how much you can gamble daily, weekly and monthly.

There is a customer care helpline that is readily available in case of any hitches, questions, complains, suggestions you may have. However, they are not as available as you may think. Their timelines are fixed and you may not be helped when you have a problem at 8 am. There is a lack of many categories of games. They are not diverse enough. This lowers their following by some number.

Games & Odds Variety

Games played in SugarHouse Casino are in different categories ranging from; Video Bingo, Video Poker, Table & Card Games, Slots, Live Casino Games, Blackjack, and Roulette games. Slots take the largest share with over 400 games offered in the platform with games like Chili Chili Fire, Red Panda, Red Alert, and the list keeps on growing. There is a 10-table live dealer casino.

There are over 10 Table and Card games with names like Dream Catcher, Triple Card poker standing out. On to the Blackjack category, a lowly three-game number will be seen. Mega Ball action, Empire Action, Fire Ball Action are the three games you will find in the Bingo category. In the sports section there are games ranging from Football, Basketball, Hockey, Gold, Rugby and so on and so forth.

sugarhouse online casino

Odds reflect the probability of a team winning and when multiplied with your money, it gives an amount you can win if all goes well. In SugarHouse Casino, their odds are given in the US Format. This means an odd may be ‘Pirates +102’. You can place a bet with as less money as $0.10 and as more as $100. They have set limits on how much you can wager with and set a helpline for those with gambling addictions.

Terms like Payday, Moneyline, Cover, ATS, Vig, and Push will have a meaning in betting. Once you are a member, run through them. you will find them in the sports betting section then go to the option ‘Learn how to bet’. However, the platform offers no tutorial on placing a winning bet. What’s there is understanding the best terms and how to place a bet.

Customer Service

The customer service to this platform receives a not so good report. You will get quick replies which are positive but their service does not run through 24 hours. They will be active from 9:30 am to 2 am. That may restrict other gamblers who are not within the time constraint provided. For a great value of a customer, a platform should have ways available for the customers to reach them. It can be a complaint, compliment, suggestion, clarification or anything that may come in your way as you bet. At SugarHouse Casino, they have different methods for this.

You can fill a form available with your details and eventually, the comment. You can also call them with the number on their platform 877-477-3715. They also have their address on the site in a case where one would directly want to reach their area of work. The address is SugarHouse Casino, 1001 N. Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125. They also have an email address [email protected] where you can launch your views. You can also live to chat them while on the site. What’s more, is the number provided for those addicted to gambling. The number is 1-800-GAMBLER. A map of their location is also provided where it is not a hustle to visit them.

Banking Options


  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Pay With Cash
  • eCheck
  • SugarHouse Prepaid Card
  • Cash at Casino
  • 7-Eleven PayNearMe


  • SugarHouse Prepaid Card – the funds are to be accessed immediately
  • ACH/eCheck – may take 3-5 days to reflect on the account
  • Neteller – funds can be accessed immediately but may delay and take a business day
  • Cash at Casino – the funds will immediately be available
  • Check by Mail – this can take 10-14 business days

Mobile Optimization and Responsiveness

Mobile Application: SugarHouse Casino has a mobile application that is accessible to every person with a smartphone. From the Android users to the Apple users. With the app, you are able to enjoy your game more easily as the app is friendly compared to the site. What’s more, is there are bonuses available here as opposed to the main site. It is easy and quick to use and learn. However, with slow internet speeds, the app cannot be your friend. The app is available in the Play Store and App Store.

Mobile Site: You can also access the site normally with the link provided earlier on. The speed can depend on the browser you are using and the internet speed you are on. It is also friendly and you can access it in a simple way. However, it can become a hard nut to crack during live games on unreliable bowsers.

Our Review: More Bonuses Needed

It is no doubt SugarHouse Casino is among the highest rated sites in New Jersey. It has these many features and with the incentives like free deposits, friendly platforms to the active customer service, no doubt it will attract more people. No doubt it has its ratings at 4.6/5.

But there are issues that need to be looked into. The bonuses are not so many and they are not as exciting compared to other platforms. Although you can use the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code PLAYMAX and benefit more than those who do not have a bonus code. Secondly, customer service needs to be flexible enough to handle people for the longest time possible. Finally, if they could enlarge their scope to other players outside New Jersey, that would be a plus.

Top 3 Alternatives to SugarHouse Casino

There are other platforms that are similar to SugarHouse Casino. Being a person who wants to wager your money, you might be spoilt for choice. The following are some of the other platforms;

Golden Nugget Online Casino

An Atlantic City-based platform that has a variety of games ranging from Bingo, Jackpot, poker and many more. They have bonuses with a welcome bonus of $20. You can refer a friend and get $50, has a promo code and so much more. We can also highly recommend the dedicated application which makes it very easy to bring all the excitement with you on the go. You should know though, that here you cannot find a big variety of games and a good mobile application.

Tropicana Online Casino 

This casino might not be one of the biggest in the US but it has some very strong points. It offers a total of 123 games, of which 102 are slots. Furthermore, it is one of only three NJ online casinos offering 90 Ball Bingo. Although, they do not have a sportsbook and most importantly poker games. Finally, their mobile application definitely needs an update. So, if you like gambling via the mobile, Tropicana Online Casino is not for you.


Mohegan Sun Online Casino 

One of the most known online casinos in the US. Here, you can find a satisfying variety of games and a lot of daily promotions with guaranteed prizes. The deposits are easy and fast. What we believe to be a weak point for Mohegan Sun Casino is the fact that the VIP program is not that great for recreational players and most importantly that they do not offer live dealer games, poker or sports betting. Overall though, it is a great choice.

The validity period of the SugarHouse Casino Promo Code PLAYMAX: 31/12/2019

Last Update: April 2019